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Punkt. DECT DP 01 Red Cordless Telephone by Jasper Morrison


Punkt. DP01 offers the simplicity of a modern DECT-Telephone that works just like one expects a telephone to work: phone. No knick-knacks and no “advanced” functions: with DP01 there is nothing more but the simple communication with a telephone that possesses a unique design doubtlessly eye-catching for everyone. Visual answering machine. Over the visual interface after the date it is possible to hear the new calls on a simple way; you do only choose the calls that you want to hear without a necessary interception of the whole time sequence.100 contacts.You can save up to 100 entries with 3 different numbers for each contact. High audio quality. You can conduct a conversation with a crystal clear audio quality. Horizontal and vertical position.Thanks to the clever design, the DP01 can be positioned at home there where you like it the most: in a horizontal position on a flat surface or mounted vertically at the wall. Talking Device,The mobile part is specifically designed for a horizontal surface, for you to talk freely while your hands are occupied with something different.Scanner composed ring tones,A discrete and especially fresh selection of ring tones makes the DP01 a characteristic telephone that fits in every kind of surrounding.

Design: Jasper Morrison, Jasper Morrison was born in London in 1959, and graduated in Design at Kingston Polytechnic Design School, London (1979-82 BA(Des.) ) and The Royal College of Art for Post Graduate studies (1982-85 MA(Des.) RCA).

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